Why You’re Not Into DIY Brand Video Production

Adam Driver knows video is permanent, even if you DIY your brand video production.

Got a side hustle? Great! Personal branding for a side hustle is the perfect reason to go for DIY brand video production. You’re carrying a production studio in your pocket or purse and staring at it all day (yes, I mean your phone) so why not use it? Well, partly, because you’re a lot like Adam Driver.

And…now that your index finger is hovering over the big red circle, a few reasons (excuses) might emerge, so let’s address them here.

I don’t like myself in video.

First, that’s very normal for all humans, including the best actors. I perused this article of 15 actors who reiterated this point in various ways (including Meryl Streep, Jared Leto, and Reese Witherspoon). I like what Adam Driver had to say: “I saw all the mistakes. The things that I wished I could change, but couldn’t because it’s permanent … I’d want to make it better looking or perfect, and that’s a trap.”

I'll bet you a handmade Darth Vader cross stitch that if Adam Driver had an Etsy store, he could benefit from my DIY brand video production advice.
I’ll bet you a handmade Darth Vader cross stitch that I find
Adam Driver less flawed than he does in this photo. But who cares?
It’s no one’s job to look or be perfect at all times.
Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson/CC BY

So, this is not an issue of being on camera, it’s an issue of perfectionism and we have to learn to let that go. (I say “we” not to be royal but because I very much identify with this.)

It feels awkward to talk to myself.

Yeah, it does. So don’t do it alone. Find a friend to make eye contact with you, nod their head and ask you questions. When you actually have a human being listening to what you’re saying and being curious about it, you can imagine that someone on the other side of the Internet might also be interested in what you’re saying.

I don’t know what to say to create a brand.

Such a good point! Where do you start? We advocate that the highest and best use of video is to inspire trust, which builds a brand. And the way to inspire trust is to be honest and passionate. That starts with emotion. So, have your friend ask you some of these questions:

What do you love about what you do? Why?
What gets you up in the morning? Why? Why?
Tell me about a moment in your business that made you feel like, “Ooh yeah! I could do *this* forever!” Why? Why Why?

Keep asking why until you get to something slightly uncomfortable to say. Why? Because one of the marks of being authentic is being uncomfortable because you’re not being a pandering people pleaser. (And I say this with great authority as a recovering people pleaser.)

I’m boring.

The best way to bore people is to recite information. Save all the information for text and photos. It does not belong in a proper brand video. Everything you say needs to be framed through a subjective value statement and include a why to create a story. What does that mean?

Instead of saying, “I make ceramic bowls with blue glaze.” You could say: “I love making ceramic bowls with blue glaze because this color blue reminds me of staring up at the sky on a summer day and that always reminds me of how free I felt as a kid growing up in rural New England.” Now, you’re telling a story! Now I care about it! Now, I relate to it! Because now you’re human to me! (And you still got your information in there.)

Ugh, but it’s just like too scary to DIY!

By now you probably noticed a common theme: you’re going to feel a bit uncomfortable. Yep, get used to that. You’re working for yourself and you get to decide what to do. You’re creating something new and it’s from your heart. That’s uncomfortable. Someone might not like it. So what? You like it. And it’s your life. That’s growth. You’ll make mistakes. That’s OK. Maybe no one will watch it, maybe no one will care but if it means something to you, you’ll keep doing it because it really is your passion. And if that’s the case, your brand video is a great way to communicate that passion to others. It’s how you can get people on board to understand your story and buy into it.

Hopefully this gives you some courage to experiment with DIY brand video production. Need some extra help? Check out our e-course! And guess what? Just for reading this whole blog, we’ll give you ten bucks off – use code: TRYDIY

Now, go forth into the world and take risks, make mistakes, and trust yourself. You have a story worth sharing! Oh damn, I almost got away with not sharing my own video. Here’s me on camera, feeling very uncomfortable.

Photo credits: Dick Thomas Johnson / CC BY

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