Why Sales Prospects Ask About Price Right Away

Customers and Prospects Ask About Price Right Away

If you sell a product or service without a fixed price on display and a disturbingly high volume of prospects ask about pricing before you’ve really had a chance to communicate your value, your marketing efforts could be suffering from information oversaturation.

information oversaturation (n) – a condition of imbalance between “what” and “why”; an emphasis on products and features over passion and personality; a lack of authenticity.

Information oversaturation can easily cause prospects to view your offering as a commodity, meaning that they’re blind to nearly everything you say that isn’t a number with a dollar sign in front. Here are a few signs your marketing may ail from this condition:

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1. Your company is faceless

When people feel like they’re doing business with a faceless entity instead of real people, they can’t be impacted by subjective human elements, such as personality. Thus, they focus more on objective factors, like features and price. We can’t blame them – it’s all they have to go by. If there is true passion behind your business that would make customers feel good about doing business with you (and paying more), it’s a huge missed opportunity to hide it.

2. Your company looks opportunistic

Customers want to know they’re working with someone who cares about more than just the money. If your marketing doesn’t reveal the human values and beliefs that drive your business, prospects could be getting the idea that there aren’t any, which sends the message that a company is only in it for the money and doesn’t take pride in its work.

3. Your company seems unrealistically perfect

Human beings know intuitively that every great idea comes from making mistakes and learning from them. We also understand that nobody is perfect and is (hopefully) constantly discovering their shortcomings so they can improve. If your marketing promises a flawless experience but doesn’t tell a story of humility and ongoing development, it could come across as untrustworthy.

4. Your tone is too salesy

There are certain marketing buzzwords that are quite simply so overused that we automatically tune them out, assuming the advertiser has anything but our best interest at heart. For examples, download my free PDF: 5 Ways to Attract Customers Who Care About More Than Price.

5. Your video content is inauthentic

Too often, businesses put large amounts of effort and cash into video marketing, but fail to understand what truly makes video such a powerful medium. Videos that simply repeat information that already exists on a website are a waste of money, because websites are a far more convenient way to consume information. However, unlike websites, video can effectively transmit human emotion. Videos that do so are the most powerful way to establish trust (before actual human contact).

Don’t worry – you can fix these problems!

I’ve devoted my career to helping entrepreneurs use the most powerful differentiator anyone has: their own personality. The best part is, it’s FREE! Yes, you have to pay for the marketing materials that communicate it, but the substance behind them – your genuine passion – is not only incredibly powerful, it’s been developing and refining itself inside you since you were born (at no cost).

Want to know more?

Download my free PDF, and learn point-by-point how to address each of the 5 issues listed in this article.

Come on! Time to start building a business that’s truly YOU!

Want to attract
customers who are


Get 5 simple tips that will help you prove to your your prospects that price isn't everything!


5 Ways to Attract Customers Who Care About More Than Price
5 Ways to Attract Customers Who Care About More Than Price

Want to attract customers who are HAPPY TO PAY MORE?


Get 5 simple tips that will help you prove to your your prospects that price isn't everything!